Tracing the Roots: The Story Behind PEMFiT Harrogate

I genuinely thought I was going to die. Said goodbye. Still squeezing the bike brakes but knowing it was in vain.

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Gripping on and hurtling down mountain hairpin bends. I picked up more speed than a car had any business going on those roads. I was out of control on the flimsiest of road bikes. I thought I was about to leave my four children without a mother.

Looking back, I realise this was 10 years almost to the day before I opened the PEMFiT Harrogate studio. But I had never heard of PEMF back then. Never heard of Pulse Centers or their state of the art XLPro. These would come later.

I didn’t die.

The rag doll that was me finally hit the road after I lost control of the bike. Battered and bruised.

I had severe concussion, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, years of physio and the inability to sleep on my usual side. I had to lift my own legs with my hands to get out of bed. A very lucky girl and a cautionary tale for those thinking of riding in heavy rain.

This near-death experience triggered deep personal reflection. I promised my children (and myself) that I would live to be at least 100 and skydive with them on my 100th birthday.

I made a list of all the aspects of my health that would need to improve.

Years of physiotherapy helped me back into exercise. But I stopped improving and the pain in my back, shoulders and hips was stubborn. I tried yoga, it helped. I trained as a yoga teacher. More improvements, but pain kept coming and going. Was I doing too much yoga or not enough?

Prior to the crash, with dietary changes (more on this another day) I had resolved my asthma, hay-fever and abdominal cramps. Say it quickly and it doesn’t seem like much, but these conditions had hindered my energy for 30 years. If they could become an irrelevance to me with lifestyle change, what else could I improve?

I was convinced it must be possible to resolve my pain.

A global pandemic. Time to double down on health. I delved deeper into research. Books, podcasts, internet searches and scientific papers – I started an MSc in personalised nutrition. Deep dive.

I found Pulsed Electromagnetic fields have been well researched and sounded like the technology I was looking for.

If you imagine the body as similar to a battery that drains of energy over time, it doesn’t perform as well as it should. By exercising the cells with PEMF, just like charging batteries, that helps the cells restore energy to perform their natural function. Increases in nutrient absorption and waste removal promotes healing and restores optimal function of cells.

Could pulsing add to the lifestyle changes I had already made and really take me to the next level of health?

I discovered the PEMFiT Lancaster studio in November 2020. Back then, long car journeys would always result in painful hips for me. No longer! I drove the three hour round trip seven times with no pain. The results were evident for me. I knew something special was happening after just one session at Lancaster.

Here you can find out more about the benefits of PEMF.

This was the missing piece.

Within just a few sessions:

I was free of the residual pain;

Able to exercise more without any extra pain;

Able to concentrate late into the evening.

I had so much energy I could do anything I wanted. If you had said to me 10 years earlier that I would be able to do a Masters degree and open a PEMFiT studio I wouldn’t have been able to believe it

By the 7th session at PEMFiT Lancaster, I was making plans with PEMFiT UK founder Pete Marroni to open my own studio. It is no exaggeration to say that it has been life changing for me and I wanted to help others have the same experience.

I opened PEMFiT Harrogate.

Three years on I am privileged to play a role in the life changing experiences of my clients.

I never expected to be happy about coming so close to losing my life. But without the experience of that day and everything that came next, I would not be spending my days as I do today.

I have learnt from this experience:

Don’t wait to feel well.

Don’t put things off.

Join me at my Harrogate PEMFiT studio, with the added bonus you can stay overnight if you are travelling a long distance or find your nearest PEMFiT studio here.

What shall we work on first? Call me for a free, no obligation chat.

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