We continue to monitor and act upon the latest COVID-19 government and industry guidelines regarding the adoption of fully COVID-19 secure protocols. The Studio is open. We’ve taken every precaution to ensure COVID-19 secure conditions for clients and staff and have completed all recommended risk assessments, which exceed recommended guidelines. All client information and payment is taken online.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive for your appointment 5 minutes early. Only one client session will be completed at any time with one member of staff wearing full PPE. Please bring and wear a face mask with you at all times in the Studio, if you forget, one will be provided.

DO NOT ATTEND YOUR APPOINTMENT if you develop COVID-19 symptoms. Contact 111 or your GP for appropriate medical care. If you do show symptoms within 14 days of attending your appointment, please contact us so we can initiate NHS Test & Trace. Symptoms include: high temperature, feel hot to touch on chest or back, new continuous cough, loss of or change of smell or taste. Other symptoms have been reported, so please visit www.gov.uk for information.

During your pulse session, a 2 metre distance will be maintained at all times and no contact with client necessary. All equipment, such as bed/chair is fully sanitised between sessions. We also utilise a high-quality air purification system to 0.1 microns and ensure open outdoor windows in the studio for your comfort and safety. Should you have any specific questions, please do contact us at enquiries@pemfit.co.uk and thank you for your understanding at this important time for client and public safety.


“My life has changed beyond recognition with PEMFiT. I’ll be eternally grateful to Pete and PEMFiT for facilitating a quality of life I never thought possible. I was introduced to Pete via my husband 3 years ago – we both agree, it was a game changer.”

“PEMFiT offers a comprehensive wellness protocol that uses ancestral principles at its core. Pete’s knowledge and understanding of wellness principles is second to none. Using evidence-based information, personal experience and a holistic approach, he guides us along a path to wellness that, once achieved, is maintainable and life changing.”

“As a person who lived with chronic fatigue for many years, I am blessed to now live a life I never thought possible and can’t wait to visit the new PEMFiT Studio for PEMF! Thank you, Pete.”
“I’ve had unbearable lower back pain for years through wear and tear. I explored all options. I had massages, took painkillers and visited osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors and surgeons. Nothing had worked and I had major back surgery scheduled for May 2020. I was then introduced to PEMFiT.”

“I began regular PEMF and red light sessions in January, prior to lockdown, and immediately experienced improved sleep, pain relief and range of motion – my wellness was improving!”

“I recently attended a scheduled pain clinic at my local hospital, although I was tempted not to as the pain had gone. I was surprised when the NHS consultant said PEMF was the best treatment in the world for my condition and was interested in my outcome, suggesting I continue sessions post lockdown.”

“Thanks to PEMFiT, I now have something I never thought possible – hope and days without pain. Life is wonderful again!”
“I started the PEMFiT programme out of desperation almost 3 weeks ago - I was recommended by a friend who was seeing Pete for online coaching. I was not performing well - I just didn’t know where to begin to help myself.”

“Pete, with his lovely nature and patience, took me back to the roots of my existence. He has advised me each week of the small easy natural steps that I have to take in order to recreate my physical and mental balance.”

“I am amazed what a big difference it has made in just three weeks and I can’t wait to have my sessions with Pete each week at the Studio post lockdown, instead of online – his advice is very inspiring and motivational.”

“I highly recommend PEMFiT to anyone who wants a new healthy start and who needs a very reliable friend to guide them (when they need it most) to achieve a healthier and better version of themselves.”
“Pete has been my “go to” for wellness coaching for nearly 4 years. With a wealth of knowledge, he really takes the time to listen and understand before offering practical wellness advice that works!”

“Not only has Pete been my coach being available daily, when needed, to help me through tough times, he has also become a friend who I deeply trust and value.”

“Also, I had my first PEMF session in February and that night had my best night’s sleep in years! I can't wait to resume regular PEMF sessions when lockdown ends.”
“Pete has been very helpful to me in my continual quest to upgrade my already healthy life, using a holistic approach.”

“He has effectively helped me implement numerous natural strategies for optimal performance, recovery, mental focus, stress reduction and improved sleep.”

“With his knowledge of PEMF technology, I’m now learning to balance all the functions of my body through cellular exercise. I’ve experienced a noticeable difference and overall reduction of inflammation throughout my body with regular PEMF sessions.”

“Remarkably, I’m no longer suffering with the chronic joint pain I’ve lived with for so many years, which is making a considerable difference to my quality of life and overall wellbeing.”

"Pete’s enthusiasm for life, wellness and helping others, as well as his kindness and openness about his own personal journey has been, and will always be, a great source of inspiration for me.”
“Pita and I have been friends for many years and our friendship grew around cooking great food together, spending time searching for the right ingredients and then experimenting together on cooking techniques.”

“It seems like a natural progression that as we've grown older, and our awareness of healthier lifestyle opportunities has grown too, Pita has developed a very deep knowledge of other methodologies for keeping vibrant.”

“I've always been keen to keep myself in good condition, but apart from my lifelong relationship with karate and a dalliance with cycling as a younger man, I think I’m inherently lazy. The pressures of work and travel caused my fatigue levels to rise, muscle mass to decline and my brain function to slow. It was tangible and a little scary.”

“Feeling tired and unable to concentrate was a difficult place to start a day's work. I knew Pita was working through scientific theories and was working on his own self-analysis and routines and I knew they would resonate with my own engineering sense of logical solutions to problems.”

“I distinctly remember a visit to Pita's and spending an evening going through my symptoms and general malaise. Things were about to change and with a few small adjustments to my lifestyle, routine and self-confidence, knowing that I wasn't alone in this, I started to make rapid improvements to my energy levels and ability to focus at work. I even managed to drastically improve my appearance with a leaner, sharper silhouette.”

“Pita's always been able to recommend good reading material which also feeds my curiosity and my need to constantly verify my current status. Keeping abreast of the rapidly improving knowledge base around men's health is a personal objective.”

“Pita has been my 'go to guy' for many years on all cutting edge insights into keeping one step ahead of today's personal performance battles and I'm sure the new technology that Pita now has at his fingertips will only serve to keep me one step ahead.”
“I first met Pete when I was in the midst of burnout. Pete’s help and advice has had a massive impact on my mental/physical wellbeing and recovery process.”

“In addition, I have the highest regard for Pete and his work and this is due to his natural empathy, authenticity and his genuine enthusiasm for helping people.”
“12 months ago, I was at my absolute lowest with my wellbeing. I literally couldn't breathe properly from the simplest of activities, sometimes from not even moving at all. I felt tired, lethargic and had very low self-esteem. I had followed Pete for quite some time on Instagram and I was particularly impressed with his before and after photos - also the way he described himself was exactly what I was like.”

“Fast forward to today and I can't believe what a transformation I am going through. I have been working with Pete online for about 12 weeks now and I can honestly say my life has completely changed. My body shape has completely changed, I have so much energy and focus and my overall attitude is full of positivity. The changes that Pete has introduced to me have filtered through into every aspect of my life.”

“Throughout the whole process, I feel that Pete has completely understood me and the challenges I face. The way he has passed his knowledge to me step by step has allowed me to easily make changes to my lifestyle but with huge immediate results.”

“I have been in this place before (well, not quite) where I have felt positive and ready to make change but, for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I have the strength to stay on this path. Life couldn't be better!”
Stuart Cooper
“PEMF sessions at PEMFiT have done wonders for my neuropathy pain in my feet which I’ve had for years now and was told nothing could be done for it!”

“It also makes me sleep like a baby the night I have a session which I really look forward to.”

“PEMF works and I’m excited for the future again at the age of 78.”

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