PEMFiT’s First Year in Business – What A Journey!

Following the launch of PEMFiT in June 2020, we reflect on the journey we’ve been on during our first full year in business.

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in business for just one full year – we’ve been so busy and a lot has happened in such a short space of time.

Yes, we’ve certainly had a challenging time since the launch of PEMFiT, due to the pandemic, but we’ve also had a very successful first year in business – probably better than we ever imagined. This is thanks to our loyal customers and everyone that has supported since we opened in 2020 – and for this, we’re incredibly grateful.

As we head towards the end of 2021, we’d like to reflect on where we’ve come from, what we’ve achieved so far and our vision for the future…

July 2020 – Launch of PEMFiT UK

We launched PEMFiT UK in July 2020, opening our original Studio in Hest Bank, with the PEMFiT mission:

To inspire, support and positively disrupt your journey to optimal wellbeing and performance. We use the world’s finest (PEMF) cellular exercise technology, from Pulse Centers.

It all came about as Pete, Founder of PEMFiT, had experienced long periods of ill health during his life. He’s worked hard over a number of years to improve his wellbeing which resulted in his desire to launch his own business to help others to feel better too.

Pete discovered the power of PEMF and invested in the very best PEMF technology available from Pulse Centers.

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November 2020 – Our Move to Beautiful New Premises

Our initial months in business went really well, welcoming many people to the studio. It soon became clear that we would need to move to a larger location to meet our customers’ needs.

And in November 2020, we did just that, moving to the Glassworks in the heart of historic Lancaster – a much larger studio, easy to get to and with convenient public transport links.

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September 2021 – Another PEMFiT Studio Opens – In a Countryside Location

We opened our 2nd PEMFiT Studio in a beautiful location within the Yorkshire countryside, close to Harrogate. It’s owned and run by Katie Constantini, with the option of enjoying the power of PEMF as part of a wellness holiday.

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Another PEMFiT Studio Opens – In a Stunning Seaside Location

We opened our 3rd PEMFiT Studio in the stunning seaside town of Southport, found in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton in Merseyside. It’s owned and run by Caroline Gillam, and is situated within the Everlast Gym at Ocean Plaza, Marine Drive, Southport.

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PEMFiT – Our Vision For The Future

With the successful year we’ve had, we’re here to continue to support, encourage and inspire people along their wellness journey.

We’ve received such positive feedback from our customers – we couldn’t be more pleased with what we’ve achieved since our launch in 2020.

We’ll be continuing to do what we’ve been doing, see more people, be more accessible, offer more sessions and help more people to energise their life.

To meet growing demand in Lancaster, we’ve recently opened Studio 2, alongside the original Glassworks Studio 1. To do this, we purchased a full new Pulse Centers XL Pro Elite system. We’ve also recently invested in a new Pulse Centers High Intensity Portable Pulse X as well as full set of Equine accessories, so we can meet the demand for a remote PEMFiT service – for both humans and animals.

All of this means we are extremely proud to say that PEMFiT UK is Europe’s leading provider of PEMF energy!

We shall look forward to welcoming you to a PEMFiT Studio near you.

If you have any questions at all, please just get in touch.

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