We continue to monitor and act upon the latest COVID-19 government and industry guidelines regarding the adoption of fully COVID-19 secure protocols. The Studio is open. We’ve taken every precaution to ensure COVID-19 secure conditions for clients and staff and have completed all recommended risk assessments, which exceed recommended guidelines. All client information and payment is taken online.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive for your appointment 5 minutes early. Only one client session will be completed at any time with one member of staff wearing full PPE. Please bring and wear a face mask with you at all times in the Studio, if you forget, one will be provided.

DO NOT ATTEND YOUR APPOINTMENT if you develop COVID-19 symptoms. Contact 111 or your GP for appropriate medical care. If you do show symptoms within 14 days of attending your appointment, please contact us so we can initiate NHS Test & Trace. Symptoms include: high temperature, feel hot to touch on chest or back, new continuous cough, loss of or change of smell or taste. Other symptoms have been reported, so please visit www.gov.uk for information.

During your pulse session, a 2 metre distance will be maintained at all times and no contact with client necessary. All equipment, such as bed/chair is fully sanitised between sessions. We also utilise a high-quality air purification system to 0.1 microns and ensure open outdoor windows in the studio for your comfort and safety. Should you have any specific questions, please do contact us at enquiries@pemfit.co.uk and thank you for your understanding at this important time for client and public safety.

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What a PEMF session looks like

A full PEMF session lasts 40 minutes but we recommend allocating a full hour for the entire experience.

It’s a very relaxing session which requires no effort from your part. You will start most sessions lying on the comfortable contoured bed. On your first session we run you through the whole process, answer any questions you might have and explain what PEMF is in-depth. No special clothing is required and you remain fully dressed the entire time except for your shoes.

The session is tailored to the exact needs of each client depending on what support their body needs.


Learn more about PEMF and the research behind it:

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What is PEMF?

How does it work?

Science Behind PEMF

Client Reviews

Daniel Hargreaves
Daniel Hargreaves
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Outstanding, I literally felt brand new after a series of PEMFiT sessions, seemed to heal things that had been bothering me for quite some time and always left feeling refreshed and stress free!
Peter Charnley
Peter Charnley
Read More
I visited PEMFiT after suffering from a bad back for 18 months, during which time I made many visits to see specialists. Within 4 weeks of PEMFiT treatment, I could feel a significant improvement to the point now where I am pretty much fully recovered. I would definitely recommend PEMFiT. It's been the most effective treatment I have had.
William Dickinson
William Dickinson
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An energising and refreshing experience, everything was tailored to my specific needs. I felt the benefits after my first session.
Alan Trim
Alan Trim
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I had an unbelievably restorative week of seven consecutive sessions. I turned up with chronic insomnia which was bringing me to my knees. I left (forgive the cliché) the proverbial new man. Fully energised.
Russ Lambert
Russ Lambert
Read More
At 46 years old, the sports and active lifestyle I enjoy inevitably causes injury and pain to high stress areas of the body. I couldn’t believe the improvement and pain relief following the sessions. Great service and amazing results, thank you!
Nicola Burns
Nicola Burns
Read More
Unbelievable experience! I attended with a fractured ankle and was able to walk ‘normally’ in my boot after that session. Four days later and I am walking without my boot. Thank you for a wonderful therapeutic experience and for strengthening my body as a whole.
John Seddon
John Seddon
Read More
I can honestly say that my experience at PEMFiT was absolutely amazing and my chronic pain from rheumatism has now completely gone. All l had to do was to lay on the bench and the machine did the rest, it's very relaxing and you can really feel the energy going through every part of your body. After the session l felt completely supercharged.
Gerry Pope
Gerry Pope
Read More
Wow what can I say about PEMF, a friend recommended it to us, so we travelled to Lancaster from Gloucestershire and it was definitely worth the time, money and trip. My husband had an ongoing shoulder injury he’d had for about 20 years. After day 2, he couldn’t believe that the pain had disappeared. I have had a problem with my back for about 6 years, gone - our whole life has taken on a new meaning, we are more alert, moving better, no brain fog and sleeping better.

PEMFiT Session Prices

PEMFiT Intro Pack
For All New Clients

Includes 2 x 40 Min PEMF Sessions
£ 160
  • 40 Minute PEMF Session
  • 40 Minute PEMF Session

PEMFiT Intro Pack
Gift Certificate

Includes 2 x 40 Min PEMF Sessions
£ 160
  • Perfect Gift For All Occasions
  • Giving people the fantastic opportunity to experience 2 x 40 Min PEMF sessions
Gift Card

We offer 40 minute PEMF sessions. As with all forms of exercise, the more sessions you have, the greater the benefit – it’s also more cost effective. The effect of PEMF is cumulative and is the perfect introduction to cellular exercise.

PEMFiT Packs


40 Minutes ultimate full body cellular exercise using bed/rocker and address multiple areas using paddles, rings or square pad.

PEMFiT Intro Pack


PEMFiT 5 Pack


PEMFiT 10 Pack


PEMFiT 15 Pack


PEMFiT 20 Pack


Remember, the effect of cellular exercise is cumulative so initial frequent sessions every few days are best to begin with!

Prices include VAT.

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Important: As we’re always busy “Energising Life” at PEMFiT, our diary is usually booked up. It’s therefore important that you arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time, so there’s no cumulative delay for subsequent bookings in the day. If you do arrive late, this could impact on your valuable pulsing time as we’ll have to end the session at the original time. Thank you for your understanding.

PEMFiT Harrogate Story

Katie is a PEMF practitioner and is passionate about doing whatever it takes to be the healthiest and happiest she can be, whilst helping others to achieve the same.

It’s this focus and vision that resulted in her opening PEMFiT Harrogate, located in the heart of Yorkshire.

Katie had a successful career working in a number of marketing and business development roles for large organisations, including British Gas and Mars Confectionery. Whilst she enjoyed these roles, Katie was experiencing some health issues and this made her question the path that she was on. She decided she needed to live a life that would allow her to get her health and wellbeing back on track.

Katie took the plunge and set out on her new and exciting journey. This included project managing the build of her family home, welcoming guests to her self-catering holiday cottage, whilst also becoming a yoga teacher and discovering the power of nutritional therapy. Katie started to discover how health issues can be helped by the foods we eat; a subject which she continues to be passionate about. This new way of life started to dramatically transform her health.

Always looking for ways to further improve her wellbeing, Katie started to discover the benefits of PEMF, visiting PEMFiT Lancaster to experience it for herself. To say that she was pleased with her discovery would be an understatement. In terms of improving her health even more, she felt like it was the missing piece of the jigsaw.

With her passion for the power of PEMF, and wanting others to experience the benefits, Katie opened the PEMFiT Harrogate studio – providing sessions within a beautiful countryside location, whilst also including them within her wellness holidays.


PEMFiT Harrogate Wellness Holidays

PEMFiT Harrogate is pleased to provide PEMF sessions as part of a wellness holiday.

Why not benefit from the power of PEMF whilst enjoying a relaxing break at Barn Elm Lodge, set in its own beautiful countryside surroundings – it will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated!

Contact Katie for more details.

Any questions?

What is PEMF?

PEMF is a safe and proven modality that is backed with over 2000 studies worldwide proving its efficacy. The technology has been around for over 100 years and has been used by NASA for over a decade. PEMFiT is the leading UK provider of PEMF sessions that support your body’s natural recovery process.


For more information about the research behind PEMF, read this document from Pulse Centers:

Benefits of PEMF

Assist With Muscle Fatigue After Exercise Icon

Assist with Muscle Fatigue After Exercise [3]

Support General Relaxation Icon

Support General Relaxation [4,5]

Experience More Energy Naturally Icon

Experience More Energy Naturally [6,7]

Optimise Wellness Non Invasively Icon

Optimise Wellness Non-Invasively [1]

[1,3,4,5,6,7] To locate the citations referenced here, visit: info.pulsecenters.com/research

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PEMFiT In the Media

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How exactly does it work?

Imagine your body is like a battery. It can easily get drained of energy over time – physically, mentally and emotionally. When this happens, it doesn’t perform as well as it should. By exercising the cells with PEMF, we stimulate ion flow, just like with batteries, and that helps the cells get more energy to perform their natural function.

For more information about the research behind PEMF, read this document from Pulse Centers:

Woman Lying On PEMF Bed Using A Pad At PEMFiT

Proven technology

PEMF has been studied scientifically for over 100 years.

In 1932, research was carried out at Yale Medical University. It was discovered that reduced levels of electrical energy within the body is one of the main reasons for feeling unwell. PEMF, a pulsed electromagnetic field, may help give energy back to the body. This supports the cell’s ability to do its job better.

PEMF may help soothe aches, pains and support the immune system. It may also assist with general relaxation, and support the body’s self-repair function.

PEMFiT uses world-leading Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields equipment from Pulse Centers. Our system is flexible and provides tailored PEMF sessions that meet all customer requirements.

Disclaimer: PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) devices, Pulse Centers and PEMFiT UK do not, and are not used to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical or medical condition. If you are experiencing symptoms of a medical condition, you should immediately seek the advice of your medical professional. Pulse Centers PEMF equipment is not a medical device and is not evaluated by the NHS or FDA – it is meant for general wellness and does not treat a specific condition. Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor at Trent University, states – “PEMF devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they are a wellness technology which mimics nature in a therapeutic way which may optimise the body’s self-regulating function.”
Please Note: All clients will be asked to read and sign an Informed Consent Document covering any client contraindications prior to a demonstration or session.

Benefits of PEMF

Enhance The Bodys Natural Recovery Process Icon

Enhance the Body’s Natural Recovery Process

Address underlying cellular dysfunction by stimulating and exercising the cells. [2]

PEMF Is A Soothing And Restorative Modality Icon

Support General Relaxation

PEMF is a soothing and restorative modality. [4,5]

PEMF As A Catalyst For Full Body Energy Icon

Experience More Energy, Naturally

The body’s holistic nature uses PEMF as a catalyst for full-body energy. [6,7]

[2,4,5,6,7] To locate the citations referenced here, visit: info.pulsecenters.com/research

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